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Our roofing experts here at Nisleys Quality Coatings know how to restore your roof with Conklin's Metal Roof System.  This type of system will preserve an existing Metal Roof, saving you money but not having to replace your roof.  When you are looking for a waterproof system for your roof, we are a certified roofing contractor with the experience and roofing expertise to meet all of your roofing needs.

The Metal Roofing System offers a waterproofing system that will prevent rust, stop leaks at the seams, and provides an energy efficient coating that will last a long time.  It will handle metal design flaws, stop leaks and will reduce your air conditioning costs in most circumstances.  Your roof will actually pay for itself within a few years.

This system strengthens the seam with fabrics reinforcement embedded in acrylic elastromeric roof coatings.  A premium caulking will be put on all fasteners to secure them from the weather.

When using the Conklin's Metal Roof Restoration we use a quality bright white finish that will help protect the roof from movement by reducing thermal shock.  This system will help keep the heat out of your building by reflecting up to 85 % of the suns rays.

Steps in Preparing your Roof for the Metal Roof System

Cleaning your roof

The preparations of the roof depends on the age of your metal roof.  If you have bad metal that will need to be removed and replaced.  Conklin's Rust-off is applied over the roof, which allows the system to bite into the metal.

Power Washing the Roof

The roof is cleaned with 3500-4000 psi pressure washer with A-turbo tip to get the metal roof clean.  This will help the roof to be cleaned of any dirt or debris.  As you do not want a bunch of dirt or debris left on your roof before the new roofing system is put down.

Prime with a Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer

Conklin's metal ready universal primer is a primer that cures to a durable, flexible finish.  It will adhere to a properly prepared surface, and this will help rust from coming through.  A one-coat application it is applied at a rate of 225 square feet per gallon.

Sealing all Horizontal and Vertical Seams with Tape

sealing fasteners

Seams on a metal roof tend to be the leaky areas both horizontal and vertically.  The leaks are often found on pipes, skylights, fasteners and anywhere expansion and contraction has taken place.

All horizontal seams need to be sealed, using 6" Butyl tape.  The top edge of the tape is sealed with Conklin's Kwik Kaulk to smooth out the transition for the water to cross over the tape.  It is very important to tape the corners to add protection from water seeping in.

Your metal roof can get kinks in it, if someone steps on it wrong or some times a strong wind can open up the seams.  Fasteners over time can become loose and will allow the seam to move.  Which can break their seal and can tend to allow water in.

Because of those reasons, every seam on the roof gets sealed with a base coat and then the fabric allows the roof to essentially become a seamless roofing system.  The Spunflex fabric should be placed above the seam, but below the fastener heads to eliminate tenting.

Sealing all Fastener Heads

using fastners

Make sure that all of your fasteners are not loose.  If they have become loose they will need to be re-fastened or you may have to replace them with a larger fastener.  Make sure that your fasteners are properly installed, the rubber grommets are sometimes crushed to hard during installation so they do not seal properly, or they split from the suns UV rays and it drys them up overtime.  Conklins Kwik Kaulk is made just for that purpose.

Putting on a Premium Top Coat

Top Coat

The roof is coated with one of Conklin's premium top coats to help protect it.  This is applied at 1.9 gallons per square foot over the entire roof.  This will give your roof a nice white, reflective finish that will help keep your roof looking good for years to come.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing System

Spray Foam

Here at Nisleys Quality Coatings, we know that by installing a Conklin's Spray Polyurethane (SPF) offers a wide variety of substantial benefits to any commercial building owner.

Conklin's SPF application effectively controls air filtration, adds building strength and reduces cooling and heating costs.  During the restoration process every problem area is systematically addressed, repaired and resealed; then the entire roof is sealed with a reflective finish coat.

The SPF insulation solution that Nisleys Quality Coatings will install on your roofs building will change an existing, non-energy efficient roof into an environmentally friendly "Green" roof.  This will help manage a commercial building energy cost.  The SPF roofing system will pay for itself in a few short years.  Due to the energy efficient effect of the product.

The SPF is extremely light weight, and can be applied over most existing roofs without surpassing the load capacity of the building.  No matter what system you choose, Conklin has you covered for years to come

Membrane Coating System


Nisleys Quality Coatings has used the Membrane Coating since Conklin first formulated this acrylic roof coating in 1977.  As a membrane roof becomes weathered, roof tops can crack, leak, decreasing their effectiveness and energy saving properties.

Nisleys Quality Coatings can apply the membrane roofing system without tearing off your existing roof, allowing you to run your business in full production mode.

The average Ethylene Proplene Diene Monomer (EPDM) roof reflects 5-6% of the solar energy away from the surface, while the Rapid Roof III reflects 85% of the sun's energy away from the roofs surface.  This system will stop leaks with a superior waterproofing, and will offer superior protection from wind and hail.  It will increase energy efficiency and lower utility expenses with its cool, white, reflective surface by extending the life of your existing roof.

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Single Ply Membrane

single ply

Conklin's Single Ply Membrane systems are made with a premium thermoplastic membrane.  During the installation, membrane rolls are overlapped and welded together to form an exceptionally durable waterproofed, and energy efficient shield that will deliver protection for years to come.

Single-Ply is a flexible sheets of compounded synthetic materials that are manufactured in a factory with strict quality control requirements.  There are three major categories of a Single-Ply Membrane Roof Systems: Thermoplastics, Thermosets, and Modified Bitumens.  The advantages of prefabricated sheets are the consistency of the quality of the products that are manufactured, the versatility in their attachment methods.

The Singly Ply Roofing Systems will stop leaky roofs, and will offer excellent protection from wind and hail, and offers fire and chemical resistance.  It will also increase energy efficiency and lower utility expenses with its cool, white reflective surface.  The Single Ply Roof System can be applied in all seasons, and it performs in all climates and up to 20-year warranty available.

About Nisley Quality Coatings

No matter the size of your building size, Nisleys Quality Coatings offers your a quality commercial roofing solutions.  You should schedule regular maintenance and roof check-ups with Nisleys Quality Coatings. Remember time is a critical factor when you become aware of a roofing problem, leaks don't start overnight and sometimes takes a substantial amount of time to appear to the folks in the affected areas.  A regular roof inspection will help you guard your investment and protect your business operations.

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At Nisleys Quality Coatings, our commercial roofing services are as reliable as they are affordable.  We believe in quality in our roofing work.  Instead, we take the time to do the work and repairs so that you will always be a satisfied client.  We will go the extra mile to complete your commercial roofing project on time and within your budget.

We here at Nisleys Quality Coatings we are committed to building a roofing business that will last for generations to come.  Roofing to us, is so much more than a job - it is something that we love to do with a passion

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