You have probably noticed a lot more houses with metal roofs lately. This is because metal roofing has become more popular in today's construction world due to its long-term durability and energy efficiency. This makes it the ideal choice for any homeowner.

Shingles can last up to 15-20 years. This may seem like a long time, but if you think about the lifespan of a house, it is actually a really short time.

If these are properly installed, metal roofs should last as long as the building it is resting on. Some of its main duties are to seal out water, survive high winds, resist mildew and rot, and shed snow easily.

Don't get me wrong, roofing is an expensive investment, no matter if it's on a home or building. The roof is one of the most important parts of a home or building. It's purpose is to shield people from extreme weather and other hazards along with protecting valuable content inside from being destroyed. Many people seem to have a hard time achieving the right balance between quality roofing protection and affordability. 

Here at Nisley's Quality Coatings, we understand how important long-term roofing security and affordability is to the customer. This is why we offer highly-durable, affordable metal roofing. Our metal roofs are factory-made by well-known manufacturer GPB Graber Post Buildings. This roof comes with excellent tensile strength, exceptional weather resistance, and a long life expectancy.

completed metal roofing project
completed metal roofing project
completed metal roofing project
completed metal roofing project

Two Excellent Options Available for Installation:

● G-Rib Panels - Exposed Fastener

● Standing Seam Panels - Hidden Fastener

This installation is backed by warranty coverage for up to 40 years because of its weathering capabilities.

Why Metal Roofing for your Home or Business?

Simply put, metal roofing beats out other conventional roofing products across various areas: performance, longevity, weight, energy, efficiency, and more. There are some higher-end roofing products out there that have a similar life expectancy as metal roofs along with some of its other features. Since they are higher-end, they are going to end up being more costly, and will not always be the best choice when it comes to long-term conditioning.

The Benefits Of High-Quality Metal Roofing And Reasons Why Nisley's Quality Coatings Makes The Difference

● Reflective Single bubble insulation provides

    excellent noise damping

● 15+ Years of Experience

● Fully Insured, Licensed & Bonded

● Family Owned and Operated

● Best-in-Class Workmanship

● Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

● Easily installed on top of existing roofs

● Highly energy-efficient compared to

   other roofing products

● Reflects most of the sun's rays

● Can give noticeable yearly cooling

    cost savings 

● Longer life expectancy than most roofing


● More affordable than many product


● Extremely lightweight but incredibly durable

● Not as many costs associated with

    metal roof installation

● Few maintenance demands

● Better designed to stand strong in

    powerful storms, fire, or winds

● Snow Barriers available upon installation

Great Energy Benefits of Metal Roofing

Our metal roofing options are extensive and include product selections that are ENERGY STAR®-certified. This means that our metal roofing lines up with very strict, objective governmental standards for energy efficiency and has the possibility of saving you hundreds of dollars in cooling costs. 

On top of all of this, our metal roofing has the potential of providing you with benefits on your homeowners insurance. Make sure to check with your homeowner's insurance company to see if you can get any discounts offered on your home insurance premiums with our impact-resistant metal roofing. In order to be qualified, metal material must first be stamped by an approved manufacturer. 

Since it has an ENERGY STAR® certification, this roof is able to withstand those strong, deteriorating effects caused by the sun. Over time, roofing products like asphalt shingles or dark-colored materials actually end up absorbing and retaining the sun's heat, causing them to break down or to experience defects, and opens doors to leaks or other cost-heavy roofing trouble. 

Wouldn't you rather enjoy the money-saving potential of any energy-efficient roof than having to deal with those pesky leaks and other issues that come along with it?

Many Metal Roofing Options Available

When it comes to aesthetic concerns, metal roofing fits the bill. Not only does it add great aesthetic appeal to a home, but it also provides excellent roofing protection as well. 

We have a variety of colors available. There are 22 options that you can choose from so that everyone's aesthetic tastes are accounted for.

Metal Roofing Can Be a Cost-Effective Alternative to Shingles

There are some people that may think that a metal roof will end up costing way more than a shingle or slate roof. As you know, cost will differ from roof to roof based on the structure of the roof. Nisley's Quality Coatings has already completed roofing projects where the property owner went and received a quote for a shingle roof as well. Our metal roof quotes in many instances were on average 76% less expensive than other competitor's shingle roof bids. 

Always remember to keep long-term costs in mind too. Metal roofs last for decades, while shingle roofs need to be replaced in a relatively short time frame or they may even be blown off in strong winds. Lower-grade slate roof selections may be at risk for mid-term weathering and discoloring as well, resulting in roof repair or replacement costs.

With metal roofs, you won't have to keep on paying costs that add up over time that you'll most likely be paying with other roofing materials. 

If you are wanting an affordable, lasting metal roof installed by experienced professionals, give us a call today at Nisley's Quality Coatings.

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